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Wedding Reception songs

Are you dreading you won’t be able to find “your song” for the first dance at your wedding reception? Do you know how to go about picking the first dance song? Why are songs important at wedding receptions? What kind of song best reflects the feelings the bride and groom have for each other? What style would you like your wedding song / music to exude? These are all the questions that you will have to consider when planning your wedding. Choosing the right music for your wedding is one of the things instrumental in creating an enjoyable and memorable wedding experience.

Bride entrance songs - Make your guests cry with this wedding reception song

Best weddings are those that have a little bit of everything – a few tears shed, a lot of laughter, and plenty of fun. You are probably aware that the choice of music can often ‘make or break’ a wedding reception so it is of paramount importance that you carefully select songs that cater to an eclectic mix of your wedding guests and ultimately the newlyweds (we suggest that you stick to the “a little of bit of this, and a little bit of that” rule).

Another important aspect to consider is the bride entrance song. Since you are embarking on a brand new phase in your life, leaving your old life behind, and joining your husband in a roller-coster- adventure that is marriage, you and you alone should choose the song that best reflects all these sentiments.

If you need a little bit of help with that, we took the liberty of suggesting a few songs that you might find fitting for your entrance:

First dance song – the most memorable wedding reception song

First dance song – the most memorable wedding reception song

Think back how your husband made you feel when you first met him, when you realized that he was the one, and when he proposed. Think of the song that best reflects emotions that you feel for each other. Take into account your respective personalities and musical tastes. Pick a song that you are both comfortable dancing to; not all pairs have the dancing talent of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, and not all pairs go for slow, romantic music for their first dance. Some prefer rock, some country and some even classical sonatas.

Whichever song you select for your first dance, make sure it is the song that best describes you, your husband and your relationship. Again, we are giving you some suggestions to make the whole selection process less cumbersome and more effortless:

Cake cutting songs – It’s cake time! Bring fun and joy with this wedding reception song

Believe it or not, there is even the cake cutting song, and yes, you better choose that one too. Cake cutting is always a delectable experience and generally quite a lot of fun if not the most humorous part of any wedding reception (apart from your tipsy uncle trying to do a Gangnam style dance). Again, when choosing the cake cutting song, do not steer too far away from your personal style. Often, the selected track reflects a “sweets” theme. If you are planning to smear the cake all over your husband’s nose, why not go for a song that is amusing and mischievous? Or you might choose a sweet, romantic ballad that emulates the love you and your husband have for each other.

Following is our list of the top cake cutting songs which are we think are appropriate for this part of the wedding. Enjoy!

We would love you to share your opinion and experiences with us which involve your favorite wedding reception songs. Finally, we would like to congratulate brides and grooms to be on the start of something truly remarkable and life-changing that is marriage.

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