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Further Information about Centerpieces

The origins of centerpieces are vague. What is certain is that the earliest records we have about the centerpieces date from the medieval times. Back in the Middle Ages, the European royal families and other rich people used a nef, a special ship model made of silver, gold, gilded silver or even exotic precious stones as the centerpiece ornament of their celebrations.

Nefs were usually genuine masterpieces, used not only for decoration, but also as holders for salt or spices. The nefs remained popular throughout the Renaissance, but as the overall tastes of people grew more sophisticated in the ensuing centuries, nefs were ultimately abandoned in favor of more stylish and less outlandish and pompous centerpiece designs.

Nowadays, centerpieces are most often beautiful floral designs, although centerpieces can be made of candles, fruit and even candies, but sometimes also from silver and porcelain. Centerpieces are used to embellish all kinds of events, but they have a very special place in the wedding celebrations.

Wedding celebration is incomplete without a centerpiece decoration. Mostly made of flowers, centerpieces at wedding celebrations represent the visual focal point of the entire event, emphasizing the importance and splendor of that special day in everyone’s life - the wedding reception.

Pretty much like anything else, a centerpiece decoration at your wedding or any other celebration should be truly yours and truly beautiful. Let us know what are your favorite colors and flowers and our talented and devoted team will deliver exactly the centerpiece you were looking for.

Take a look at some of our centerpiece designs in the gallery….

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