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The carefully built team of professional and creative individuals of Events By Dream Makers will help you with a wide range of special events including:


Anniversary is a celebration of staying power and quality of any union, event or relationship. Anything that lasts deserves to be celebrated Events By Dream Makers will facilitate your task.

Bar/Bat/B'nai Mitzvah

The B'nai Mitzvah is a very exciting time in a family and child’s life in Jewish tradition. The blissful event of your son and daughter entering adulthood is a special event ----to celebrate,-- don’t look any further. Our years of experience and dedication guarantee your Bar or Bat Mitzvah will be an event to remember.


Birthday is a very special event in every person’s life. It is a personal New Year for each of us and it has to be treated as such. Indoor, outdoor, intimate or luxurious, Events by Dream Makers will help you plan the birthday party of your dreams.

Corporate Events

The importance of corporate hospitality cannot be emphasized enough. A special evening with your clients, staff or shareholders will always make your company friendlier and help improve communication. We are available to help you organize from a conference to a smaller corporate events.

Wedding Rehearsals

If you want to keep with the tradition, have a really good time with your guests and make sure the forthcoming wedding will run perfectly, you will certainly want to have a rehearsal dinner. Events By Dream Makers can assist with your planning.

Wedding Showers

A wedding shower is an American custom from the late 19th century. Back in those days, gifts for the bride-to-be would be put in a parasol, which would literally shower the bride with presents when opened. While we may not be doing this nowadays, showers are one more excuse to have a really good time and enjoy the spirit of wedding a bit longer.

Baby Showers

The birth of the first child is the most important and exciting moment in life of the parents that has to be celebrated with all the joy and dignity the event deserves. Contact us for any assistance you may require.


In the Christian tradition, baptism is one of the most important life events. It is the moment when your son or daughter is adopted in the Christian Church. A true cause for celebration and we can help you organize the baptism to remember.


The transition from childhood to womanhood is one of the most important events in a girl’s life in the Hispanic tradition. Events By Dream Makers are here to help you organize the quinceanera your daughter will always fondly remember.

In addition to organizing all kinds of special events, we also do rentals of chairs, tablecloth, overlays, napkins, and tables of various sizes.

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