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Bridal bouquets have the history stretching back to the ancient times. Some scholars suggest the custom of tossing of the bridal bouquet is related to the ancient Greek mythology and the myth of the Golden Apple of Discord, tossed by goddess Eris during the wedding celebration of Peleus and Thetis.
Once made from herbs and spices, bouquets are nowadays made from flowers and can be found in many shapes and colors. The most common types of bridal bouquets today are nosegay, flower spray, modern arrangement, pomander, Biedermeier, cascading bouquet and a modern arrangement.


Marriage has been one of the highlights of a person’s life since the ancient days and the wedding day is one of the most important events in everyone’s life. Various cultures, civilizations and religions have always had their unique ways of emphasizing the grandeur and importance of a wedding, but several aspects are common to virtually all cultures. Wedding day is a truly special day that has to run smoothly and show the very best of us.
All aspects of a wedding ceremony have to be finely tuned so the special day could be even more special. Grand or intimate, the day when you exchange the marriage vows with your loved one is an important event that must be given all due respect and care.


Wedding reception, another event with the tradition old as the world itself, is a genuine celebration of love, life and happiness of the two people who have completed the difficult task of finding the other half and want to share their happiness with their friends and relatives.
The after-party of a wedding ceremony, the reception is equally important. You surely want your friends and dearest ones to remember the day as being at least half as happy as you are. The wedding reception has to run smoothly, symbolizing the smooth and happy marital life that has just begun. Everything has to be truly yours and beautiful - the right venue, wedding cake, music, floral arrangement, food and everything else should be taken special care of and that’s why we pay special attention to the vision that the bride and groom wants on their day.​

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