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West Palm Beach, South Florida wedding florist and décor. Plan your best West Palm Beach wedding

Destination weddings are all the rage now, but they can be quite pricey and difficult to organize since they really do pose a logistical challenge. Living in or near West Palm Beach is like having an exotic location for your wedding at your doorstep. You don’t need to travel thousands of miles to have a wedding that could be as beautiful and exciting as a destination one. West Palm Beach has everything that a tropical wedding getaway has – sunshine, beach and all around happy feeling. In terms of floral decorations, and regardless of your wedding location or venue, there are three important things to consider when organizing a wedding – the flowers for the wedding party, wedding reception and wedding ceremony. And this is where we will happily step in. Trust us to find the perfect floral arrangements for your wedding party, reception and ceremony. After all, we do have the credibility and the experience for it.

Wedding party florist and décor in West Palm Beach, Florida

Despite the theme of your wedding party (you don’t have to have one, but it does help with the planning), you, as a future bride, certainly want your wedding to be aesthetically pleasing and for everyone to look their best. Flowers can contribute such a lot towards that goal. You certainly wouldn’t mind having an experienced professional helping you in deciding the most adequate and the most attractive boutonnieres and corsages which tie in beautifully with the wedding theme. There are flowers for the bride’s hair to think of, the bridal bouquet, the bridesmaids’ bouquets, maybe a different bouquet for the maid of honor, the flower girl headpiece and petals to toss, the mother of the bride and mother of the groom corsages, the father of the bride and father of the groom boutonnieres… The list goes on and on. Together, we can make sure that you, your husband-to-be and every member of your wedding party looks the best with the help of carefully chosen floral decorations.

Wedding reception florist and décor in West Palm Beach, Florida

Regardless of the feel, the atmosphere or the theme or your wedding (casual, formal, beach), floral decorations can be instrumental in setting the right mood. Have you given any thought to the perfect centerpiece for the reception tables or the flowers that will adorn your wedding ceremony venue? We can guide you through this process thanks to our substantial insight and practical experience in this area. You probably already have an idea about the colors, type and size of the flowers you would like to have at your wedding, and we are here to help those ideas materialize. We, at EBDM, are going to make sure that your floral decorations will amaze the wedding guests and become something worth talking about.

Wedding ceremony florist and décor in West Palm Beach, Florida

EBDM will organize the perfect wedding in West Palm Beach for you. Rest assured that our flower designers will create arches, aisle runners and other decorations not only to perfectly suit your wedding theme, but also to create wonderful memories of your wedding day.

Events By Dream Makers will be more than happy to offer free consultations about your wishes, ideas and expectations from your wedding floral decorations.

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